Exploring the Bible

These studies are not concerned with the making of the Book of books, its history, geography or literary qualities. Like miners digging for rare metals or gems, we are delving into its pages seeking for direction to precious truth, that which will enable us to live life victoriously.

The Beatitudes: Pathways of Living in True Joy and Peace

The teachings of Jesus called the Beatitudes, recorded in the gospels of Matthew (5:1-10) and Luke (6:20-23), are an invitation to a way of living that brings true happiness and both inward and outward peace. The beatitudes call us to a radically new way of being when we center our lives on God, and we become transformed. The beatitudes call us to true happiness and the deepest of joy as we find our true identity in our relationship with God and true peace both inwardly and outwardly.

The Holy Scriptures

God has not only revealed His mind in nature, in history, in providence and in His Incarnate Son, but also in sacred literature. And there is a wonderful harmony between the Word of God, which is Christ as the Revealer of the Father, and the Words of God, which is the name by which George Fox and the early Friends loved to distinguish the Scriptures from other writings.